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Is there a way to add a weighted overlay model to  Web App Builder? (like the one in Geoplanner)

Question asked by cmix0085 on Sep 29, 2016

I'm building a custom web app for local land conservation organizations using ESRI's Web App Builder. I have several raster models that include Biodiversity, Climate Resilience, Agriculture, Soil types, Slope, SWAP data etc that I would like the client to be able to apply weighted modeling to and create their own models.


The overlay model in Geoplanner using an image service is a great example of what I am trying to accomplish and so is this: 


I've experimented a little with trying to host my own weighted overlay geoprocessing service with ArcServer with little luck. Has anyone  ever found a way to host a weighted overly widget in Web App Builder without having to write a custom tool?