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LayerList and SecuredServices

Question asked by endlessdsire on Sep 29, 2016
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I have 2 questions.

1.- How to cofigure the LayerList with layers from your arcgis rest service? I have tried to workaround from this but i still dont know.  For example, when i tried to add the widget in WAB, the selected layer list is empty.

Also, how the layes that i want to load at the beginning of my WAB APP come from a secured service, i dont want to let the user put the user and password each time a layer is loaded, so here comes my other question.


2.- How to use the Identity Manager window to access (using windows auth) to the whole rest service before the app loads completely. 

I remember in flex there was something like this. This allows u to access the layers by default that u set them up in a config file.



If there is any guide to do this kind of things that we used to have in flex will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advice as always!