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Popup window behaviour for a layer inside a WAB App

Question asked by on Sep 29, 2016
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I notice a strange behaviour for the option to enable popup windows for layers in an app which I created with the WAB.


I have an app that reads a WebMap, which contains some layers from the portal and all those layers are map services are represented as an MXD Project for a lot of layers, so there the layers are divided into many groups inside.


I know there is an option to enable each layer a popup window separately, through the webmap editor screen.

There is also an option to enable the users to choose which layer to enable a popup window or disable it, all done through the small menu options next to the layer name in the layers widget of any WAB app.


The weird thing is that some layers enable that option and some don't even show this option available.

I've attached screenshots for example - One screenshot shows the menu options with the option to turn on the popup window, the other screenshot shows nothing but a "description" link for the direct rest address.


Anyone knows on this behaviour and can explain it?