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How to maintain raster dataset names when exporting from a raster catalog?

Question asked by Thomas.Starnes_RSPB on Sep 28, 2016

I'm trying to export raster datasets from a raster catalog and for the exported raster datasets to have the names that they have within the catalog rather than being named after the raster catalog itself. I set up a model to iterate through the rasters in the raster catalog and export them using 'Raster To Other Format'. However when I run this model the output rasters are named after the raster catalog with incremental numbering so I get '[catalogname]_1', '[catalogname]_2' etc.


I included a Parse Path to try and get the raster dataset name and assign it to the output, but I can only get it to point at 'Raster.OBJECTID=1'.


'Raster To Other Format' doesn't allow me to specify an output file name so I can't use '%Value%' even if the Parse Path was working as I intended.


Any alternatives or workarounds would be very welcome!