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Use a DynamicMapServiceLayer as a basemap.

Question asked by arnaud_gu on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by arnaud_gu


I tried to use a DynamicMapServiceLayer as a basemap.

In API ArcGIS 4.1 it works :

service_basemap = new MapImageLayer({url: <service url>, title: <title>, id : <id>, spatialReference: 3857});

basemap_name = new Basemap({baseLayers: [ service_basemap ], title: <title>, id : <id>});

In API ArcGIS 3.18, i tried to adapt this code but it doesn't work.


In ArcGIS API 3.17, I can load it with basemap gallery widget with an error :


undefined init.js:113:480


but i can't use it on application start


So, is someone know how to use Dynamic map service Layer as a basemap with the API ArcGIS 3.18 or 3.17 ?


Thanks for your help.


Guillaume ARNAUD