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Adding Line Barriers as NaLocations

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2016
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I cant figure out how can i specify line barrier in setPolylineBarriersByRef  of NAServerRouteParams class, 

i know it takes INAServerLocations  but i cant figure out how to provide line in propertySet 


IPropertySet line = new PropertySet();

line.setProperty("paths", polyline);   // cant figure out this



IPropertySetArray pPropSets = new PropertySetArray();


pPropSets.add(line );


//Setting the Server Property Sets for the Network Analysis
INAServerPropertySets propSets = new NAServerPropertySets();

propSets .setPropertySetsByRef(pPropSets);

INAServerLocations2 serverLoc = (INAServerLocations2) propSets ;
return serverLoc;