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Jewelry Box Theme – set the Pop Up panel to be closed upon app initialization

Question asked by antoine_bartholomew on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by antoine_bartholomew

I am having issue when I try to set the Pop Up panel to be closed upon app initialization.

I set the PopUp Confiq JSON file to say, True, for both closed at start and closed on clear, but neither of these properties seem to translate into my web app. Also inside the widgets folder, I set that manifest JSON file’s property – has config to True.

 I added the following code the Panel.Js file within my app:

[install dir]\server\apps\[app#]\themes\JewelryBoxTheme\panels\LDockablePanel\Panel.js

 startup: function(){

        var configs = this.getAllWidgetConfigs();


          configs = this.config.widgets;


          configs = [this.config];


        if(configs.length > 0){



        setTimeout(lang.hitch(this, function(){this._onBarClick()}), 100);








Is there something else I can try?