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Configuration of the Network Trace Widget

Question asked by SMEaux on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by sibghatullah86


I'm trying to build an application with the Web App Builder that could isolate a main break on a water distribution network. The application use the Network Trace widget that can be downloaded with the Utility Isolation Trace pack.

I already created and ran the application with the data samples of the City of Naperville, Illinois (ESRI's data), but my problem is to run the NetworkTrace widget on my data.

I launched, from ArcMap, the geoprocessing 'Isolation Trace' on my distribution network and published the result on ArcGis server. Then, I use the URL rest to implement the Network Trace widget but after configuring it, I get an error when I try to isolate a water main : "The trace cannot be completed, please try again"


The basemap has been created with ArcGis Online (World_Topo_Map + my geometric network).


If anyone has already used the NetworkTrace widget and knows what would I have to do to make it working ?

Thanks in advance,