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Geocoding with Zip+4

Question asked by bpowell4 on Sep 23, 2016

Kyle Watson, this may be a blast from the past. I was googling around for a solution to my problem and found your blog post from 2009 here Geocoding tips for ZIP+4 data | ArcGIS Blog 


It actually really helped me to a certain degree, but I'm still having some trouble. If I use the USA_ZIP4_LocalComposite geocoder for an address example:

PO BOX 352 Winamac, IN 46996-1145 vs PO BOX 352 Winamac, IN 46996 I get different XY Coordinates which is great and preferable for the work we are going to be doing with Tapestry and business analyst.




If I use PO BOX 843 Rochester, IN 46975-0843 vs PO BOX 843 Rochester, IN 46975 I get the SAME XY Coordinates.


Am I just being crazy here? I've tested a few Zip+4 where the +4 begins with a 0 and in both cases I get the same XY coordinates as if I were just using the zip only. Any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated!