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Why does setAttributeToNullForKey: remove the key from AGSGDBFeature?

Question asked by ssmith147 on Sep 22, 2016

I am trying to update an existing record on the client database.  The existing record has a uuidtext column with an existing value, and I want to remove that value and set the record's column to null. To accomplish this I am grabbing the original record from the table as an AGSGDBFeature, and then updating the keys using setAttributeToNullForKey:.    


What I have found is that when I send setAttributeToNullForKey: to AGSGDBFeature, the method simply removes the key altogether.  In turn, when I send saveFeature:error: to AGSGDBFeatureTable, the missing key means the column is not updated.  According to the documentation, setAttributeToNullForKey: should set the key to NSNull, not remove the key altogether.  


How can I remove an existing value from a record?


Our SDK version is 10.2.5.

This behavior is consistent across all of our iOS devices and versions.