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Feature service misallingment in ArcGIS Online. Alligns properly in ArcMap and Collector in offline mode.

Question asked by DeyalAdmin on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by KGerrow-esristaff

Hi all, 

I have an issue with feature layers in ArcGIS Online. I am adding an ArcGIS server web service witch creates a feature layer and then i add the feature layer in a web map. There are 11 layers in the feature layer. When i try to open the webmap i get a message that a layer is not responding 


This is a water network map. As you can see the pipes are misalligned and some pipes are missing. 

When i use the Collector app and download the map for offline use, they get alligned properly and there is nothing missing.

On another instance if i use a map image Layer everything shows up ok.

The spatial reference is Greek Grid (2100)

I am using ArcMap 10.4, Arcgis Server 10.4, the service details are as following (for one of the 11 layers)


View In:   ArcGIS Online map viewer


Display Field: FACILITYID

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPoint

Description: This dataset contains a collection of features that represent the water distribution network in a community.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text:

Default Visibility: true

MaxRecordCount: 5000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF, geoJSON

Min Scale: 2000

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Supports Statistics: true

Use Standardized Queries: true

Supports ValidateSQL: true

Supports Calculate: false


      XMin: 350329.08951833844
      YMin: 4373931.874201424
      XMax: 373356.6671507545
      YMax: 4398354.849961676
      Spatial Reference: 2100  (2100)


Drawing Info:Renderer:Simple Renderer:
Symbol:Picture SymbolLabel:
Description:Transparency: 0
Labeling Info:Label Placement: esriServerPointLabelPlacementAboveRight
Label Expression: [code]
Use Coded Values: true
Symbol:Color: [0, 0, 0, 255]
Background Color: [233, 255, 190, 255]
Outline Color: [0, 0, 0, 255]
Vertical Alignment: bottom
Horizontal Alignment: left
Right to Left: false
Angle: 0
XOffset: 0
YOffset: 0
Size: 8
Font Family: Arial
Font Style: normal
Font Weight: normal
Font Decoration: none
Min. Scale: 500.0
Max. Scale: 0.0
Advanced Query Capabilities:
      Supports Statistics: true
      Supports OrderBy: true
      Supports Distinct: true
      Supports Pagination: true
      Supports TrueCurve: false

HasZ: false

HasM: false

Has Attachments: false

HTML Popup Type: esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText

Type ID Field:


  • too many to display
  • too many to display
    Drawing Tool: esriFeatureEditToolPoint
Capabilities: Create,Query,Update,Sync,Delete,Uploads,Editing

Sync Can Return Changes: true

Is Data Versioned: true

Supports Rollback On Failure: false

Supports ApplyEdits With Global Ids: false

Supported Operations:   Query   Apply Edits   Add Features   Update Features   Delete Features   Validate SQL   Generate Renderer   Return Updates



Does anyone have a clue?

Thank you.