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Problem using Features from Survey123 in Collector

Question asked by johan.ekenstedt_sveaskog on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by johan.ekenstedt_sveaskog

I have made a simple form in Survey123 and it works good. When I add the resulting feature-layer in a Webmap it looks good. But when I use that Feature Layer in Collector (iOS 10 and Collector 10.4.0) I run into real problem. Sometimes the webmap doesn´t show up in Collector, sometimes it crashes when I try to open the webmap.  


I tried to create a form in the Webapplication (Survey123) and the resulting feature-layer  is possible to use online in Collector. It isn´t possible to use the result in an offline map - I couldn´t change the settings of the Feature Layer in AGOL.


Is there any known issues when using features from Survey123 in Collector?


Take a look at the following webmap and feature and try to use them in collector:


Best Regards / Johan Ekenstedt