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Preserving GlobalID in Swap/update of feature

Question asked by jacquealope on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by jacquealope

I am looking for a solution in swapping out a spatial feature in an update to the GIS portion and not attributes.  I can't find much on doing this without losing the old GlobalID and thus breaking relationships.  If I have to go and move vertices by hand, why even bother about accuracy?


Is there a way to perform an update?  The Update tool ESRI has is worthless, it creates a brand new feature class and never "updates" the feature class you are working on.  In the back end of the SQL database I know you can perform updates all day long but what about on the spatial GIS portion???


I'm in 10.4.1 in everything ESRI and running SQL Server 2012 and the Global ID will be my relationship key (when we build it shortly).  I don't want to use the Global so if anyone has an alternative for offline editing we can use, that would be perfect!