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How do I stack/collapse many lines to a single centerline?

Question asked by hunderwood_SWRPC on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by dknolan

I have a about 15,000 trips as line features and I am interested in learning what the most popular routes are. My problem is that the routes are not overlapped, which means I can't utilize the tools to summarize the number of lines in one area. I have had poor results with the Snap geoprocessing tool and I would be interested in any tips or alternatives!


I have attempted to snap the routes to themselves, at a distance of 15 meters, and I have attempted to snap the routes to a Census Bureau centerline file without good results. 


The screenshot below shows the tracks in red and the "reference" centerline in green. My goal is to stack all of the other paths directly on the centerline. 


Does anyone have experience with this task? Any suggestions?