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Reverse Proxy and SSL issues with Portal 10.4.1

Question asked by kundalay1 on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by kundalay1

Hi, I have been trying to make the reverse proxy for portal work along with the web adapter but having issues. ArcGIS server, web adaptors(for portal and server) and portal are installed inside the firewall on a single Server along-with CA issued SSL certificate. Our DMZ web server has reverse proxy setup that forwards external requests to the GIS Server. The DMZ web server has its own valid SSL certificate. The reverse proxy works with the initial portal entry URL and it shows all the content. However, it errors out when I try to login. It says page not found. Upon further troubleshooting, it seems like the DMZ web server is not sending https requests to the web adapter. I tried to enable https only on ArcGIS Server. I get an web adapter error which says


"Cannot proxy HTTP request, ArcGIS Server has been configured to accept only HTTPS requests. Please configure your Web Server to use SSL/HTTPS."


I don't get this error when I bypass the reverse proxy and use just my internal server url. So it seems logical to think that the issue is with the DMZ web server. 


I imported my GIS server SSL cert into the DMZ server and have created bindings for port 443 for the GIS server ip address, It still does not seem to be working. I could however not specify anything on the hostname field as it was grayed out.  



I am running IIS 7.5 on WIndows Server 2008 R2 on web server


IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!