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VRP: how to return the deposit?

Question asked by CloudingSoft on Sep 18, 2016

Hi I have a problem with 2 drivers 'Trucka' and 'truckB'
each truck capacity is 1000 packages.
when I generate a "Vehicule Problem Service 'I will assign 2 stops each truck and must deliver 900 packages at each stop.
When solving the problem gives me an error that obviously reestricción 'Trucka' has a limit of 1000 packages and I'm assigning him packages 1800, 800 other packages.

When 'Trucka' leaves the tank with 1000 packages (which is its maximum capacity) and delivers 900 bumps on the first stop. Should not return the deposit reload the remaining 800 packages and go to the second stop to deliver 900 packages?

reference system: