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Is there a way to shift/offset Point Data?

Question asked by EllieHakari on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by tbrenneman-esristaff

Hello Everyone,


I am handling millions of points right now (showing temperature and stiffness of roads). My office would like to give them an offset from the actual road so that you can see all the data at the same time. Example: One set of data offset 10ft, next set offset 20ft, etc. The problem is that this is point data, and that means it has no reference to how it should be offset. My coworker currently has each individual symbol in each data-set offset. This results in a slant in the data like this:


                                                                  Data 3-------------------------------------------------------------

                                                        Data 2--------------------------------------------------------------------

                                               Data 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------


                             Other Data 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                      Other Data 2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

              Other Data 3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


All the data should be starting at the same place (relative to the "road" layer"). How can we accomplish this?