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Trying to query using the st_pointonsurface funtion in SDE

Question asked by chris.cawser on Sep 19, 2016


Trying to get the st_pointonsurface function working in my sql query.

Using ArcGIS 10.1 and sde in an Oracle 11g database.


Here's my code:

SELECT sde.st_astext(sde.st_pointonsurface(p.SHAPE))


I get this error message:

ORA-20003: ST_Geometry type must be an ST_LINESTRING type.
ORA-06512: at "SDE.ST_GEOMETRY_OPERATORS", line 1620


The help says I need a polgon input to the function, so the ST_LINESTRING type is puzzling.

I have two polygons in feature class. Other functions work on the objects, such as ST_CENTROID,  but not ST_POINTONSURFACE.


Any help really appreciated.

Thank You.