Tools not appearing when installed on PC

Discussion created by Holywhippet on Dec 12, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by myranalis
I have a whole bunch of tools that I've written over the last few years (starting with 8.3 and converted to every version up to now). I recompiled them for Arc 10 and they show up on my PC.

However, I'm using the installer included with visual studio 2010 in order to install the tools on other peoples PCs. It installs ok, but not all of the tools and none of the toolboxes show up.

If I copy the .tlb and .dll file across and register them using the "add from file" option then they all appear ok. I'm using the esriRegasm.exe method shown on this page as part of the project: http://help.arcgis.com/en/sdk/10.0/arcobjects_net/conceptualhelp/index.html#/Migrating_ArcGIS_9_3_Desktop_and_Engine_custom_components_to_ArcGIS_10/0001000002m2000000/