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Accessing secured services in iOS Explorer and Collector apps

Question asked by brookb@BatonRougeWater.com_brwc on Sep 16, 2016

Hello, I am having problems accessing secured services in the Collector and Explorer apps for iOS. I've tested my environment in the Android versions, and everything works fine. Here is my environment:

  • ArcGIS Server 10.3.1
  • ArcGIS Online using SAML for Enterprise Logins
  • Web Adaptor installed on web server in the DMZ
  • ArcGIS Server security: Windows Domain/IWA Web Teir Auth
  • HTTPS - Certificate is Digicert


When I open the map, I am never prompted for my credentials again. The app behaves as if everything is working fine. My layers are listed in the Layer List with the option to turn them off and on, but none of them ever display in the map. 


Any ideas why this is happening? Does anyone else have this working in a similar environment?