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Picture Marker Symbol Errors

Question asked by sobrienHEI on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by sobrienHEI

I'm trying to create a Picture Marker Symbol for a state highway shield. I decided on a .emf format, and when I bring it into the map it looks fine (MXD_View.JPG). However, when I export it and open the .pdf there is an issue. When I'm in landscape orientation, the symbols on the right side of the map will only show up as white boxes instead of the picture marker symbol (Landscape_Error_EMF_8_5x11.pdf). This also happens when I'm in different size map (Landscape_Error_EMF_11x17.JPG)  However, when I'm in portrait, everything shows up fine (Portrait_Export.pdf). I also tried converting the symbol to a .jpg and a .bmp, but those have the same issue and also show up transparent (JPG_Error.pdf). Any suggestions on what's going on and how to fix it? Maybe there's an alternative way to go about this?


Some info to note:

I'm running 10.3.1, but this issue happens on my coworker's computer who is running 10.4.1

I've tried playing around with all the .pdf export options with no success (PDF_Options.jpg)

I've tried using layer files and shapefiles

This happens if I try to insert the shield as a stand-alone picture in the .mxd

This happens when I export to jpg