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Call a function from an ArcGIS Online Popup

Question asked by sch7712 on Sep 15, 2016
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Hello all,


Is it possible to call a function from an ArcGIS Online Popup? I would like to have the title of the popup direct to another part of our web based app. The URL contains a security token that changes so I can't just use an href and link it that way. We have a function that will take a field value from the layer and use it to determine what page in the application that you need to go to. We have tried using href= "javascript:functionName({value from layer}) and an onclick event. These were added inside the popup configuration area on AGOL. 


The "javascript:" and onclick events were removed when the map was saved. 


The web map displays inside our web application using an app created with Esri's Web AppBuilder. I would really like to avoid trying to customize popups from web AppBuilder but I may not have a choice.


Has anyone been able to do this?