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Overwrite Hosted Feature Layer - Problems With Lost Functionality (AGOL)

Question asked by joseph.faliti on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by KGerrow-esristaff

Bad experiences overwriting Hosted Feature Layers.  On multiple occasions I have successfully overwritten Hosted Feature Layers that contain multiple layers and related tables.  I have made sure to have all naming of layers and fields in the updated File GDB be identical to the overwritten File GDB and Hosted Service Layer.  The issue I am experiencing is that the overwritten Hosted Service Layer functioned fine within the Web App Builder generated Web Mapping Application at the time immediately after the overwrite; however, the following morning the Web Mapping Application does not functioning properly.  When clicking on the map, the popup context menu no longer includes the option to view related records.  This issue requires that I reconfigure all popups, alias names, etcetera...  This is extremely annoying and time consuming.  Is this a known bug?  If so, when will this be resolved?


If clarification of this issue is needed I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the issues I have been experiencing.