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A few questions and recommendations

Question asked by brian.haren on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by wws_ahargreaves
  1. In the Dispatcher's map, in the 'Workers' feature service, is it possible to list the workers by name in the table?
  2. In the same map, under 'Assignments' the workers are identified by WorkerID number, not name. Since there's seems to be no way to correlate a worker's name with their WorkerID number, is it possible to add a field that tracks by Last Name, First Name?
  3. In the Dispatcher's map is it possible to expose the time values in the table? A lot of our collection or inspection activities will take place within very small time 'slices' and the dispatchers have asked if the time values for 'In Progress Date' and Completed on Date' can be exposed. We really don't manage by days, we manage by hours within the day and minutes within the hour..
  4. Is it possible to have the tracking layer exposed in the Dispatcher's map? We see the ability to view tracking data as  key to the Dispatcher's role
  5. In the Workforce app, we'd really like a dedicated and clearly identified 'go-to' button that takes the field worker to the selection of Collector or or Survey123 apps they can select from to accomplish the assignment. Additionally it would help if there was a button added to Collector and Survey123 that says 'Close and return to Workforce'. Right now the navigation from Workforce to Collector/Survey123 and back to Workforce is clumsy and somewhat confusing. Perhaps build it out so that the button only appears in the Collector or Survey123 apps if the apps detect Workforce is running in the background?