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Question asked by OliverLeimer2 on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by xander_bakker

Hello community!


I have a special question on georeferencing, on which I haven't yet found an answer.


I want to create danger areas for groundwater-pumps. To achieve that, I have a point-shapefile of all the groundwater-pumps in my city, including information of their pumping capacity, the groundwater-flow direction in that area, etc. 

In addition to that I have created an image in a program called "Processing Shemat", showing the spatial expansion of the pump-related thermal influence in the ground water from one single pumping station. This image was created for one single pumping station, but will look the same for all others, too.  So let's assume, that this one graphic is valid for all the points in my shapefile.


What I now want to do is importing that image  to arcgis and not only connect it with one of the points in my shapefile, but all of the points (so that as result I'll have 1000 images (one per point in my shapefile) instead of only one)?

All the tutorials on georeferencing in the internet showed me, how I can adjust that picture to a single point, but doing that for 1000 pumping stations in the city is too much of an effort. 
So is there a possibility of (sorry for my amateurish language) kind of telling arcgis to connect the image from one point in the picture to all the points in my shapefile?


Does that even make sense with a raster, or should I first use ArcScan to vectorize it and make a similar operation later?


Thanks in advance for your help