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Using Data Reviewer Tools:  ArcCatlog No, ArcMap Yes

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Sep 9, 2016
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I've recently been using the Data Reviewer extension and stumbled on to something that is a little odd.  The online tutorial provides an exercise in which you create a model using tools from the Data Reviewer toolbox.  ( )


I just tried to use the Data Reviewer toolbox tools by launching model builder in ArcCatalog.  When I try to drag and drop a given tool, a pop up window announces that the proper license doesn't exist to use the tool.  However, when I launch model builder from an ArcMap session, and drag and drop  a tool from and ArcCatalog window (as instructed in the tutorial) everything goes as smooth as silk.


For whatever reason, I've always launched model builder from ArcCatalog, and typically don't use an ArcCatalog window while in an ArcMap session.  This may not be an issue but it just seems odd to me that the tools are available in one and not the other: