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I'm wondering if someone can tell me if they have had a similar Portal experience?

Question asked by mlhotz on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by pk_davidson

I have successfully created our organization's first web map in Portal.  Everything seems to have gone really well, and the map services (layers) are functioning well.  We installed ArcGIS for Server 4.1, and I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 4.1.


However, there is one issue that has been bothering me all week and it just doesn't seem to want to be resolved.  There are two map services that I have added that work well.  They draw to the screen exactly as built in ArcMap.  I can enable the popups and interact with the database.  The part that has me totally baffled is that I cannot configure the popups in any of the layers in either of these two map services.  To compound the frustration is that when these two map services are added, even though I can see and interact with all of the layers in my web map, I can no longer configure any of the popups in any layer.


However, when I remove those map services and save, I can then resume configuring all of the popups in all of the layers that I have added to my web map.  So I know that there is something about the layers in these two map services that is causing the problem.  But what?


In one map service I separated two layers out from the 8 creating to separate map services, and now I can configure all of the layers in both of those new map services.  So what's up with that?  How's that even possible?  Combined into one I cannot configure the popups...but the exact same layers in two separate map services and now I can?


I still have one map service (roads, ferries and railways) that cannot be configured, and it seems to corrupt the other layers already a part of the web map when this map service is added...until it is removed.


So my question is, does anyone know what could cause a map service layer to prevent popup configuration?  I have gone through the attribute tables to see if there is anything in there that could confuse a web map, but nothing seems to be apparent there.  Being steered in the right direction would probably all I really need at this point.