Do I need WebAdapter for Server?

Discussion created by DCSlatunn on Sep 8, 2016
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Hi, I am trying to outline an infrastructure for a new ESRI Suite deployment.  We are currently on 10.0 and so instead of doing an upgrade we are just going to start fresh with new servers and downloads.  We would like to use Portal.  Our current thoughts are to put Server and Portal on one machine with a Data Store on a separate machine.  I know that Portal needs a Web Adapter, but am trying to decide if I should also install a Web Adapter for Server.  From what I understand, Portal with a Web Adapter will essentially do most of what a stand-alone (without Portal) Server with Web Adapter will do and so my initial thought is to NOT install a separate web adapter for Server.  However, we will also need to migrate our in-house web application to use the new 10.4 setup. Currently, our in-house web application uses the Javascript API and REST to expose published 10.0 MapServices.  Since we do not have time to rewrite the whole web application right now, I will want to continue doing this.  Does anyone know if I can still access the MapSevices directly using the Portal with Web Adapter, or will I need to install a separate WebAdapter for Server?  If it is just a matter of changing the URL signature then that is doable, but I don't want to have to completely rewrite the code that accesses it. Any thoughts or pros/cons will be helpful!