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Talking about carry over Labels from original layer to clipped layer question

Question asked by progis99 on Sep 8, 2016
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For example, you have a StreetMap North American that ESRI provided with the package or you buy them. So here I have all of the layers that was saved to Group layers.


They set up the labels for the Major Roads and in the Labels section under the Layer Properties. They have all kinds of classes they put in to it.


My question to you HOW do you carry it over when you clipped it with a shapefile of a specific area you are clipping.

The reason I am asking for this is because it is a tedious way for the Specialist to set up once you clipped it and when you turn it on the Labels classes.. You would Have to open up the Label classes from the original Layer to match the clipped Label classes. You would have to do manual to be able to do this method


Here is the example of what I am talking about :


Original layer



Clipped   layer with