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Print/Export without Interacting with Map

Question asked by henry@ame on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by rscheitlin

How can I generate a PNG/JPG image from an simple map without any user interaction?


On a particular page on our website, we have a small and simple JavaScript API 3.17 map embedded in the corner of the web page. It only contains an Esri basemap with a simple point graphic. This map is not interactive (i.e. users cannot zoom and pan etc) as its purpose is just to show the location of the point. Apart from the basemap


Now, on the same web page, users can click a button to generate a PDF file. This PDF file needs to have that map image included. This is illustrated in the image below:



How can I do this? The Print Task in JavaScript API needs to be called by interacting with the actual map. I am not sure if I can use a geoprocessing service to print from the JavaScript based map?