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ArcGIS Pro not able to download licenses from licensing portal

Question asked by aweverka on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by t.faull

We recently set up enterprise logins in ArcGIS Online (with Shibboleth 3.X) in order to streamline the process of managing named users for ArcGIS Pro. The log in process with enterprise accounts works great with ArcGIS Online and apps dependent on it (Collector, Business Analyst Online). However, when folks try to log in to ArcGIS Pro with enterprise accounts that have been configured for ArcGIS Pro access in ArcGIS Online, we get the following error message (screenshot attached):


“ArcGIS Pro was not able to download licenses from the licensing portal”.


Interestingly, when you look at the license management tab in ArcGIS Online it looks like licenses have been successfully issued because 1) there will be a recent time stamp for the “Last Used” value of the enterprise account user and 2) there are active sessions for that enterprise user that can be terminated. We do not experience this licensing problem for ArcGIS Pro when using non-enterprise ArcGIS Online accounts--when using an AGOL-specific account configured for ArcGIS Pro licenses, the software opens no problem. 


Has anyone experienced something similar and found a solution?