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Where are all the other symbols in representation marker selector?

Question asked by drunix on Sep 7, 2016

I can set up display of a point feature the old way using a single symbol or set up a category with Symbology. When I convert symbology to a representation it uses symbols chosen to create the new representation. All fine so far.


Then want to change a symbol, the "Representation Marker Selector" gives me 40 dopey looking symbols and when I use search I get nothing. And it lets me edit the symbol with a totally funky hacky editor that I can't intuit.


Is this an improvement?? Really?  How can I update a marker in a way that makes sense and is easy? Say I want to change a triangle to a square but don't want to use your weird draw tool to do it. Or I want to change a dot to a tree outline. etc etc.


Man -- representations are painful!