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arcrest search cursor against AGOL feature service?

Question asked by KevinBellSLC on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by rvburton

I've got this working to print the description of a feature service, but how do I get a search cursor on a feature service out of AGOL?!  I'm new at this arcrest bit!


import arcrest


un = r'username'
pw = r'password'
sh =arcrest.AGOLTokenSecurityHandler(org_url='myOrgURL', username=un, password=pw)
admin = arcrest.manageorg.Administration(securityHandler=sh)
content = admin.content
currentUser = content.users.user()
fsurl = r'theFeatureServiceURL'
fs = arcrest.agol.FeatureService(fsurl,sh)
print fs.description