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ArcSDE service giomgr - high memory usage

Question asked by fannonj on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by fannonj

A client of ours has a number of ArcSDE Services running to support some legacy stuff. For a couple of these SDE services, the giomgr process is consuming a lot of memory (1.5 > 2 gb), whilst others are consuming 5mb.


For example, the 'live' sde service which connects to a live database is consuming 2gb, whilst the 'dev' sde service which connects to a dev database that is almost identical is consuming only 5mb.


Can anyone tell me why the giomgr processes would be consuming such a large amount of memory? Is there a configuration setting somewhere that dictates how much memory is used?


They are using 10.2.1. 


Thanks in advance.