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Is there a way to append the Survey123 Feature Layer to "My Content" on ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by Arlan.Henry on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by Arlan.Henry

I have been trying unsuccessfully to download the File Geodatabase of my published Survey123 Online survey (as shown below).

Currently, only the "Form" is appended to "My Content" and that can only be opened with Survey123.


I have created a survey previously with Survey123 Connect (for Desktop). I engineered the survey to match the capabilities of ArcGIS Online's Geoform Web application tool and published the survey.

In this case, whether someone populates the form with data through the ArcGIS Online Geoform OR through Survey123, the Feature Layer under "My Content" gets updated regardless. In a nutshell, that previous survey linked Survey123 with ArcGIS Online's Geoform web app and synced the records in a single Feature Layer.



I would like to have that same capability (the syncing of Survey123 Online's survey data with "My Content").


For further clarification: 


I would like to download the Feature Layer of the published Survey123 Online Survey, upload it to my content, and build a similar Geoform there (or at least have the Feature Layer saved under "My Content" so I can build a Story map with ArcGIS Online).


PS: I also noticed that you can now share your published Survey123 Online survey with the public even though that feature is greyed out and still says "Coming soon".