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arcgis online using sessionStorage getID

Question asked by surferbrend on Sep 6, 2016

I have successfully launched an application from IIS However the session isn't working the same way as it was in the javascript widget.

Here is the break down from original javascript widget:


1. Form.html {this is the html page that houses the unique id that is being shared through a session to the JavaScript in the editor widget}:

var sample = "{{data}}";

sessionStorage.setItem("sample", sample);


2. JavaScript widget:

var sample1 = sessionStorage.getItem("sample") 

  • var query = new Query();
  • qyery.where = "Unique_ID'" +sample1 +"'";
  • query.outFields = ["*"];
  • query.returnGeometry =true;

This successfully grabs the records based on the unique id provided in the form.html


Web app builder:

1. index html:<between script tags>

var sample1 = sessionStorage.getItem("sample") 



2. config.JSON

included Unique_ID = 'sample1'

This is being referenced 6 times


This doesn't not grab the sessionStorage.

Can you help me?


Thanks in advance,