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SnapRaster not followed in Raster to Polygon

Question asked by gyetman on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by gyetman

I'm using python to convert polygons to a series of rasters and I need the results to exactly match the extents of a set of existing rasters. I tried doing this with SnapRaster, but some of the outputs have an extra row and column. Is this a bug, or have I missed something? 



tile = os.path.join(image_tile_ws,tile_name + '.tif') env.snapRaster = tile env.extent = Raster(tile).extent env.cellSize = tile arcpy.PolygonToRaster_conversion(level0,iso_field,'l0_' + tile_name, 'MAXIMUM_AREA',weight_field,env.cellSize)