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Apply LYRX file symbology exclusion clause

Question asked by murdoch on Sep 2, 2016

Using ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1, I can apply an LYRX file with symbology (natural breaks classfication with 5 classes and out of range class) using the ArcGIS Pro interface and with arcpy (Apply Symbology From Layer).  However the "Exclusion Clause" that you can set in the "Advanced" section of the Symbology dialog is not applied to the target layer when the LYRX is applied.  I can see the Exclusion clause in the LYRX file (in a text editor as seemingly valid JSON), but I cannot get the Exclusion clause applied through this method.  I CAN get the exclusion clause applied in a completely interactive manner through the Symbology interface, but not via the Apply Symbology From Layer tool.


My goal is to render a natural breaks legend on one column, while excluding values equal to zero in a second column. And to do this all programmatically via arcpy python tools, so that an output feature class is automatically rendered on the map as desired. I want to avoid needing to reference a normal layer specific definition query (through arcpy or interactively) and instead have the "definition query" embedded in a template symbology LYRX file as an "exclusion clause".


snippet from the JSON LYRX file:


"exclusionClause" : "Tracts_PopWeightedCenterPoints_SUM_CORRECT_POP = 0",
"exclusionLabel" : "Excluded - zero population",
"exclusionSymbol" : {...some symbol content here... }


Is this something that is just not there in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1 yet, am I doing something wrong, or is there a work-around?

Thanks for your help!