Community Weekly Discussion: Is GIS an evolving career path?

Discussion created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Sep 2, 2016
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For this week's GeoNet Community discussion, inspired by the upcoming Labor Day weekend, we wanted to explore the impact of GIS on career paths. 

There are many colleges offering some form of GIS studies within their program. These may come as basic elective courses or even full degrees. GIS Certifications come in a variety flavors to spruce up your resume which can impact your career. 

And then there is the experience aspect. Do you rely fully on GIS experience, or is that an added bonus to a career within a specific industry. Is GIS evolving as a career path? Is GIS an important skill that can create other opportunities in another career path? How have you used GIS as a tool to evolve your career?

No matter how you view GIS, it's clear that you must make it a continual learning path as technology advances. Within the GeoNet Community there are a variety of resources to help you advance your career with GIS such as the The specified item was not found. and Esri Training. Also give one of our free massive open online classes (MOOCs) a try!

Note: As we continue to evolve the GeoNet Community experience, we've introduced these new weekly featured discussion topics. We've enjoyed the collaborative conversations with you about PokeMon GO, the Olympics and emergency response GIS applications and we welcome your feedback on these discussions. Let us know what you think and if you have an idea for a future

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