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ArcGIS Pro - Wrapping Legend Title

Question asked by tyschwartz on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Dan_Patterson



I cant seem to get the Legend Title in ArcGIS Pro to wrap.  I have changed the resize behavior to "adjust columns" and checked the wrapping box in the Element:Legend pane.


Everything wraps correctly as far as my legend elements go, but as soon as I add a Legend Title thats too long, it doesnt wrap and basically hides everything in my legend.


Is this a bug or have I just not found the correct setting to control this?  Legend titles always seemed a little sketchy even back in ArcMap, but I could usually get them to wrap correctly with some fiddling.  In ArcGIS Pro this doesnt seem to be the case.


I have attached 2 screenshots showing how when I have a short legend title, everything is fine, and another screenshot showing how the title refuses to wrap, and subsequently destroys my legend.


Any tips?