Webmap vs map service Labels

Discussion created by bryant_devnetinc on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by minerjoe

Has anyone using ArcGIS Server map services in webmaps had success controling labels in the webmap?  


  • When I publish an ArcGIS server map service with labeling off I can create labels in the webmap and they render in the Online map viewer, however they do not in the ArcGIS Runtime's MapView.  
  • If publish an ArcGIS Server map service with labels on then they do show up in the Runtime Map View, but I can't turn them off.  Removing labels in the webmap works for the Online map viewer, but the Runtime MapView again ignores the webmap's labeling properties.  


In short, the ArcGIS Runtime MapView seems to completely ignore label properties specified in the webmap and only respect those of map service.  If there's a solution that I'm overlooking please let me know.