Field Aliases

Discussion created by caseybentz8 on Dec 10, 2010
I have a general question. I have an mxd which has many many layers repeated several times for different scales. This is our operational layer service. This is an old mxd that was created years ago, prior to us establishing consistent aliases. The problem is that the old non-aliases are still showing up in the field definitions in the mxd, and therefore showing up in the service. Does anyone have a method of syncing up the aliases? I would really think that esri would come up with a solution for this. Like check when I open the mxd to see if there are new aliases and ask if I would like to update them. Or give me a button in the field tab in the mxd. Or create a python function to do this. I am thinking that a python function may exist, but I don't use python very much, so I thought I would start here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.