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ArcGIS server 10.4 services stuck in perpetual "stopping" state

Question asked by geotechspatialvision-esridist Employee on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by ammielke11

I currently have arcgis server workgroup 10.4.1 installed on my computer and it was working just fine until now, all my services have seemingly "stopped" and i am unable to publish any services; when i try to, i get an error message "server is not ready for publishing.... i checked the server manager and all the services are in "stopping" state. i tried to stop the individual services in server manager and the server will stop the service, however when i restart it i get an error message to "failed to start the server machine {computer name}.Error while starting AppServer. required port {0} already in use". I tried to stop/start the arcgis server service from administrative tools (in control panel) but all options are greyed out so I can't stop or restart the service, i have tried granting all users full control (since i needed administrator access when i first installed server) to the arcgisserver folder, i tried to start the publishing tools GP but i got another error message that it failed to start. i tried to publish my service using the service definition file but i get another message about starting the service (which does not start when i select start service)... my current connection is using https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager   

I don't want to reinstall, because i fear i will lose my services if i do but if i have to what can I do to ensure my services are there once i create the server manager site?