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Need to find similar imagery to  BLM 100K

Question asked by progis99 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by mbabinski1988

I am working on setting up Quad Index of one Forest Service District on 11 x 17 and I have loaded up 3 of the Visitor Maps on my layout. The problem is the southwest part of the map is blank and I need to find something similar to it. I was thinking of getting one from BLM that might have similar to us. The Forest Service do not have it for that part of the circle I drew. I think BLM might have them similar to us.


Is there a website that can I get it to download . It does not have to be with collar or No colloar. I just need it to load it and put under them with others. I don't want any from the basemap that you add from ArcGIS online.


Location :  South of Pubelo, Colorado and north of New Mexico .  According to BLM Colorado online, the area I need the most is the 

Blanca Peak, Walsenberg, Alomsa  and Trinidad. These are the BLM 100k. They have on the PDF but I do not want to spend my time on georeference it and I'd like them to be the most recently current basemap they have. I am willing to download them .



Anybody know where to find it ?




Thank you !