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I have a repeat section containing two cascading selects. When cancelling record 2, record 1 does not show previously selected options. Running latest Survey123 Connect for ArcGis. Any ideas? Thanks.

Question asked by brendanhayes on Aug 30, 2016



My query relates to the behaviour of cascading selects when navigating between records.


I have a repeat section defined in my spreadsheet containing two cascading selects.


I select an option from list 1 and select a relevant sub option from list 2.


I click on plus symbol to create a new record.


If I cancel out of record 2 by clicking the X symbol or navigate back to record 1 using the arrow symbol, record 1 does not display the previously selected option in the second list.


I'm running the latest Survey123 Connect for ArcGis to create my survey.


Any ideas?