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Adding locations is slow and are Unlocated

Question asked by irvlustig on Aug 26, 2016
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I am using ArcMap 10.2.2 and a VERY new user.  I have the StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS North America TomTom data, 2016 Release 1.


I am testing how to create OD cost matrices.  I create a simple map in ArcMap, creating one layer from the "Routing" feature from the NorthAmerica.gdb database into my workspace. Using NetworkAnalyst, I click "New OD Cost Matrix".  I zoom into a city of my choosing (e.g., San Francisco), and click "Origins" in the "Network Analyst" window.  Then I do "Create Network Location Tool" and then click a point on a street on the map.  It takes over 20 seconds for ArcMap to respond, and then the point is "Unlocated".


I do the same test with SanFrancisco.gdb in the tutorial, and have no issues, and the point gets located, so I think maybe something is missing from the data I copied over from the 7 DVD's.  Is there a way to tell?  I'd rather not spend the time copying the data again.  I think it might have something to do about not having a spatial index, but don't know which spatial index I should create (i.e., on which feature of the network).