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Converting raster XY co-ordinates to lat/long

Question asked by premachu on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by premachu

I have downloaded a SST image of the United Kingdom. It is in PNG format with no coordinate system.


I know the dimensions of my image and its lat/long range. However, i'm not sure what approach to take in Arcmap to set the co-ordinate system.


There is a web-page describing how to convert image co-ordinates to latitude/longitude but it is beyond my scope link


The image is apparently produced in Mercator projection


Note, this will need to be carried out on multiple rasters, so a automated/batch approach, which isn't interactive or manual, is required


1. is there anyway to automatically convert the XY pixel co-ordinates to lat and long, by knowing the lat/long range of the image and the dimensions?
2. If not, how would one do this calculation to convert image XY co-ordinates to lat/long in Arcmap / Python? 


Details of Image

Dimension   1596 x 1617 
BPP 8 
Latitude range  47 — 62.999108
Longditude range    -15 — 13
Pixel dimensions    1.100149 x 1.100149