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Relevant Field Not Working For All Fields

Question asked by wysorj on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by AViveirosHU

Hi!  I have created a survey for manhole inspections that I open from collector.  The manhole ID is passed from collector and I set a number of default values so that if nothing is wrong with the manhole, the user only has to submit the survey results.  The first image is how the form opens.  If there is something wrong with the manhole, I use the relevant property to make the condition assessment fields appear. The second image shows the survey if the user selects No to answer "Is this a routine inspection?" 


It works as expected when I test it from my desktop.  However, when I do this from an IPad, the relevant property only works for a couple of the fields.  Below you do not see "Is there evidence of infiltration and inflow", "Cover Condition", "Frame Condition" or "Riser Condition" questions, as expected.  However, the Steps, Corbel, Walls, Table, Invert
Condition fields and Rehab field do display, not expected.  I have used this expression to control this:  ${RoutineInspection}=0.  This was done for all condition assessment fields.


If I click no for Is this a Routine Inspection, the hidden fields do appear.  Why is the only working for some fields but not others?  Is it related to the problem this user experience here:  I have attached the excel sheet used to build the form.