A Conundrum: How can we manage 100 layers to be converted as the services

Discussion created by zapkingdude on Aug 26, 2016
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I have the requirement given as, there are 100 layers in an SDE, separated in their own different types of datasets. Now, for creating a webMap application using these layers, is it a good thing to create 100 individual layers and store it in the server and let the map keep querying them every time it is needed(will adding cache to all the layers will increase it's performace??) or create the services as per the datasets and cache it for faster performance (will this help in loading the map more faster than the above option??) and use DynamicMapService for the application or is there any other efficient way to actually use this and also be more fast in the renderring of the map


if we create a service wilth all the 100 layers on it and with tiled service capabilities and caching, (this got rendered and map getting loaded way faster than other above options) is ther any way we can manipulate the TiledMapService layers? like we do with the other service? 


Iam completely perplexed . Any help will be appreciated. 


P.S. There some layers with more than 50k data on it. So, the map performance is first priority now.