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Metadata upload to AGOL only harvests first enumerated domain value

Question asked by DanielW40 on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by tpcolson

I am uploading metadata to an already published feature layer hosted on ArcGIS Online. Everything loads correctly with the exception of enumerated domains for fields where it is only populating the first value (Fields/Details/Attributes/Domain/Enumerated).


The metadata schema for my organization in AGOL is set to FGDC  CSDGM as is my metadata style in ArcCatalog. AGOL does prompt me to convert the metadata from FGDC to the ArcGIS before AGOL will even accept it. However, the xml that I export out of ArcCatalog does contain all of the enumerated domain values. I also see that the metadata editor in AGOL does have the option for adding more than one domain value, so clearly this is possible.


My guess is that there is some small schema difference between what I am exporting out of ArcCatalog and what AGOL is expecting. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


For reference I am working in Desktop I have attached a sample copy of the xml metadata.